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Innovating the Future Together

Innovating the Future Together

The Brunswick ACES Innovation Strategy – Autonomy/Assistance, Connectivity, Electrification and Shared Access – is the core of our industry-leading innovation efforts. Leveraging our deep understanding of the consumer allows us to bring Brunswick ACES to life for the marine environment. Our objective is to elevate and simplify boating across proficiency levels to promote an engaging, confidence-inspiring and safe experience on the water.

Featured Initiatives

A | Autonomy/Assistance

Applying perception systems and machine learning to assist with and automate aspects of boat operation for easier command of the vessel, regardless of experience.

C | Connectivity

Advancing wireless, digital ecosystems to enable remote boat monitoring, operation of key features and remote data/ information access for a seamless and coherent on/off-boat experience.

E | Electrification

Leading evolutions in electrification technologies to provide electric propulsion systems and energy management solutions for enhanced boat operation and value for marine consumers.

S | Shared Access

Innovating participation models to provide a convenient and affordable boat ownership alternative for expanding engagement, attracting new demographics and providing unique opportunities to introduce and scale implementation of ACE Technologies.

Explore Our State-of-the-Art Facility

At the Brunswick Boat Group Technology Center, we are working on things that will change the future of boating. Meet the team and explore the facility.

Growing Future Creators

Using the latest advancements in technology such as robotics, artificial intelligence, coding, circuit design and generators as well as VR and AR, the i-Jet interns are carving the way for smart boating. Learn more about i-Jet.

Explore i-Jet

Brunswick can now legitimately claim to be the industry’s big idea incubator. When it comes to innovation Brunswick is nimble and moving fast, inside and outside the company.

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Big Ideas. Big Wins.

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